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In the automotive industry, industrial robots play a crucial role in the automation of manufacturing processes. From the precise assembly of car body parts to gluing, welding or riveting - the exact positioning of the robot and its tools is crucial.

One of the challenges is that the actual position of the robot often does not match the planned position, which leads to additional programming effort. This can be caused by various factors such as inaccurate positioning or calibration.

Conventional methods for determining the robot position are often limited to a specific area and do not provide sufficient accuracy over the entire working area. This can lead to inaccuracies that exceed the required tolerances.

To meet these challenges, Steineke offers precise base measurement. Through accurate measurement and analysis, the robot parameters are optimized to ensure reliable and efficient automation.


Seamless process

Needs analysis and planning: We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your production environment to understand your specific requirements and develop the optimal measurement plan.

On-site measurement: Our experienced technicians come to your site and carry out the measurement of the robot base. We use high-precision measuring instruments and state-of-the-art technologies to capture accurate data.

Data analysis and optimization: After the measurement, we thoroughly analyze the collected data and identify possible deviations. We then optimize the robot parameters to ensure precise positioning.

Implementation and validation: The optimized robot parameters are implemented and validated in your system. In doing so, we carefully check the performance of the robots and ensure that they meet the required tolerances.

Continuous monitoring and support: We continue to support you even after the base measurement has been carried out. We offer continuous monitoring and support services to ensure that your automation solutions function optimally and are successful in the long term.