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Software solutions for your smart factory

We offer software solutions for the needs-based configuration of your Smart Data environment in the body shop: significantly reduce planning and programming costs - massively increase existing capacities.

Smart Data

In numerous industrial and service sectors, including the body shop, we are confronted daily with huge collections of data that pose a challenge to conventional IT structures. Maintaining an overview and extracting value-adding information from this data is a complex task.

Thanks to innovative software development, however, it is possible to transform big data into smart data - that is, to granulate the data and process it automatically according to its relevance. This is exactly what our software solutions at Steineke make possible. Our advanced Steineke Toolbox 4.0 uses software robots that act as individual units or as swarm clusters in networks. They not only provide insights into the operation of the plant, but can also react automatically to these findings.

With our software solutions, we help you to use big data efficiently to optimize your production processes, detect errors at an early stage and make well-founded decisions. Rely on Steineke for innovative solutions that turn your data into valuable insights.