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Innovative services and software solutions for data traceability and data mining: Steineke as an expert in automation and networked production!

Software solutions for your smart factory

Steineke is a specialist for innovative services and software products in the fields of data feedback and data mining: topics that are becoming increasingly important in the context of automation, digitalization and networked production. We use our decades of experience in the development of solutions to support, safeguard and optimize automation projects in vehicle start-up and plant operation.

Our mission statement:

The Mission, Vision, Values principle.

Would you like a little more insight into the philosophy on which our work is based? - In this section we present the Steineke GmbH mission statement. It was created according to the principle of Mission, Vision, Values.

  • Mission: This is how we currently see ourselves.
  • Vision: This is how we describe our tasks and goals.
  • Values: These are our values.

Our mission

Steineke ensures optimum plant start-up in automotive engineering.

Steineke's tried-and-tested software and services ensure transparency, efficiency and quality.

Steineke software transports data from planning to reality and from reality to planning.

Steineke offers excellent on-site service (e.g. measurement, coordination, data checking) as part of start-up validation and support.

Our programming tools support and relieve the burden of robot programming.

We offer solutions for rapid synchronization of virtual and real data for robot technology.

Steineke customers save time and money - measurably, reproducibly and sustainably.


Our vision

In the automotive industry, the Steineke brand is seen as the benchmark for innovations in the intelligent management of data streams in robotics.

Steineke methods and Steineke software are convincing in plant start-up and series production of vehicle projects.

We create value: With Steineke reengineering, our customers achieve measurable increases in added value and quality.

Performance has a future: Steineke systematically develops new value creation potential and business areas.

Our continuous growth over the years creates better products and thus clear advantages for our customers and employees.


Our values

We work openly and trustingly with customers, partners and each other.

Reliability, quality awareness and practical relevance are the basis of our work.

We are loyal to our customers and stand behind our services.

We are attentive, think ahead and react quickly to changing requirements.

We are constantly evolving - through training, networking and dialog.

Our work is sustainable - this is what our expertise and the Steineke brand stand for.